Сookies Policy [biletbus.pl]

  1. General information.
    • Operator of biletbus.pl is Sp. z o.o. „Białystok Ekspres”, NIP 5423241883, 15-237 Bialystok, Mickiewicza str.,80/2
    • Service collects information about user in the following ways:
      • Receives information by voluntary from customer service.
      • By recording the technical information in the cookie files.
      • By conducting logfile of biletbus.pl visitors
  2. Information about Customer Service.
    • Service collects information voluntarily provided by customers.
    • The service can save the technical information, such as client connection time, IP address.
    • Customers data is not transferred to third parties, unless the customer does not give permission to do so.
    • Information provided by the customer service can be used to collect and analyze customer.
    • Data voluntarily provided by customers are used to provide quality service for customer.
  3. Information about cookies.
    • The service uses cookies files.
    • Cookies are pieces of information that are stored in text files in the equipment of the Customer and intended for use on the Service pages. Cookies contain the name of the site from which they were created, their storage time on the client end equipment and a unique number.
    • Cookies are set on the Customer equipment the Service Operator.
    • Files cookies are used for the following purposes:
      • creation of website visitor statistics, their analysis allows to improve the structure and content of the Service;
      • It allows an authorized user to be identified on the website of the Service, without having to enter login and password on every page;
    • The service uses two kinds of cookies: session and persistent. Session files are temporary and are used until leaving the Service page. Permanent cookie files stored in the terminal equipment of the Client for the time specified in their settings or until their removal by the User.
    • Softwares for viewing web sites (web browsers) by default save files cookies on the client hardware. Customer can change the settings. Browsers allow you to remove the files cookies. You can automatically block cookie file. More information about this subject can be found in the technical documentation of the client equipment and software.
    • Restrictions on the use of cookies may affect on some functions of the Service.
  4. Server logs
    • Technical information about some of the actions of the user is stored on the server. These data are used for the administration of the service and to to provide the best possible quality of Internet services.
    • URL of pages that client opens are recorded. Additionally can be recorded:
      • access time of the service,
      • the name of the end-customer equipment - through the identification by HTTP protocol,
      • An error has occurred,
      • URL of the page from which the user came (referer link),
      • information about the user's browser,
      • the IP address information.
      • The above data does not refer to any concrete person.
      • The data are used for server administration.
  5. Data access.
    • Data can be transferred to third parties only under the Polish law.
    • Information, through which can be identified the individual person are transmitted only with this person's permission.
    • The operator can transfer the information to the competent authorities on the basis of legal inquiries.